Hi, I'm Danielle and I am a mother, wife, PE teacher and wannabe cook and photographer.  I live in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, with my husband, my two boys, MJ and JJ, and our dog Oke.

So why 'the nOATbook'? My blogging journey all started with oats.  Cheap, nutritious, filling and delicious oats.  

I was on maternity leave in 2010 with my first son, MJ, and I decided to turn my attention to becoming more proficient in the kitchen.  I also wanted to become fitter and healthier in the process.  I started to expand my knowledge about healthy eating and cooking and I soon discovered my love of oats.  I instantly felt healthier if I made something with oats!

From there I discovered the world of blogging and I was hooked and my Google reader feed just kept expanding. 

When I realised that I knew how to cook quinoa and kale chips, that I was a HIIT convert and that I had nut butters, organic cocao and coconut oil in my cupboard I thought I might just be ready to enter this crazy world of blogging!

I now focus on posting recipes (some healthy, some not!) and I try to provide some educational advice from a teacher's perspective.  I also use my background as a physiotherapist and PE teacher to inspire posts about living a healthy life.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you find something of interest.  

May I suggest you begin at the recipe that started it all for me

 Oat and chocolate slice 

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  1. Oh awesome - so excited to meet another PE teacher & blogger :) Looking forward to reading more of your blog!