Thursday, 21 May 2015

HIIT circuit: new workout

My husband and I usually have to organise separate exercise sessions so one of us can look after the the boys.  This week we were lucky that everything aligned and all four of us were able to do a session together - I love watching the boys try to copy our moves, however the extra weight climbing onto my back while I'm trying to hold a plank is not so great!  Hubby designed the session and here is how it went down.

We started with this first circuit. I used a 12kg dead ball, a 16kg kettle bell and a 30kg barbell.  These were heavier weights than I would normally select for myself so it was a good change up.
HIIT circuit workout

The farmer's walk challenged my grip strength as this is not a usual exercise for me and I definitely felt the extra weight in the dead lifts!

We then wanted a little more, so we completed 4 rounds of:
20 x Leg Extensions
20 x Standing Barbell Twist
20 x Step Ups with Dumbbell Shoulder Press
20 x Plank March
20 x Back Extension

and 100 reps of varied abdominal exercises.

It's a workout that requires a bit of equipment so is best suited to a gym.  It was fun and I recommend working out with your partner as a way to mix it up and keep you motivated!

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