Thursday, 26 March 2015

Road trips, camping and Easter Bunny Chocolate Pops

Disclaimer: This is a paid post for RACV sponsored by Nuffnang.

When you say Easter most people think of chocolate and the Easter Bunny. However when I think about Easter, above all else, I think of camping and road trips.

(But don't worry, I promise I'll still get to the chocolate!)


My family started our annual Easter camping trips when I was 5 and I have only missed two trips since then.  I missed one year because MJ was only going to be 2 months old and I couldn't quite get my head around how to keep him warm overnight in our tent.  I can't quite remember the reason for the second year I missed, but I was in my twenties, so maybe I thought I had something better lined up!  Whatever the reason, it means I have some pretty solid camping experience/

This means we are a pretty well oiled machine as we plan for my 28th annual Easter camping trip. Even the three hour road trip doesn't seem so daunting since we conquered a 10 hour road trip this summer. In fact we have been lucky to avoid much drama at all on all of our road trips with only one unfortunate exception.

Two years ago we went on our first big road trip and we had borrowed my parent's caravan.  It was our first experience of towing and backing a van.  The trip up uneventful, but not so much the stinking hot return trip.

A couple of hours into trip home, while sitting in the middle lane of a busy freeway we started to lose power. We weren't really sure what was happening.  The petrol light had come on for the first time only 10 minutes earlier ago so we didn't think we could have run out of petrol in that short time, but whatever was happening we realised we needed to pull over quick smart or else we'd end up with a road train running up the back of us at 100km/h!

So there we were; interstate, stranded on the side of a busy freeway on a 40 degree day with a two year old in the back and a car that wouldn't go.  Happy days!


We've always been RACV members, but since we no longer had a membership tag on our keys (remember those plastic things?) we realised we didn't have the Emergency Road Side Assistance number anywhere in the car.  Thank god we still had internet coverage on our phone so I was able to Google the number and give them a call. We had our fingers crossed that not only was our membership was up to date but that we would also be covered for interstate help if it was. To describe the situation as tense is probably an understatement.

Thankfully we did have cover and the RACV does have a reciprocal arrangement with interstate providers so a van was sent to our rescue.

We didn't have to wait too long and it took the mechanic all of 10 seconds to work out we had run out of fuel.  It turns out the demands of the towing and air conditioner were so high the petrol light only came on for a few minutes before we ran out of fuel.   And unbeknown to us, all of this occurred just 10kms from the next petrol station! We were provided with some fuel and with an embarrassed hand shake, the air conditioning firmly turned off and our tails between our legs, we drove quickly to the next (very close) petrol station.

Not surprisingly, before we set off on our next road trip I made sure our RACV emergency road side assistance was all paid up and I programmed their emergency number into my phone. If you need to do the same before your Easter road trip, you can do it all here.

Easter-bunny- chocolate-pops

As part of my Easter preparations I have also turned my attention to making some Easter gifts. 

I used good old plastic chocolate moulds (purchased last year from Spotlight) and a mix of dark and milk chocolate for the bunnies and white chocolate melts for the small chocolates and to paint the inside of the bunny ears.  I quite like using a mix of dark and milk chocolate for home made Easter eggs as the resulting flavour seems to satisfy most people's chocolate preference. Not too sweet for dark chocolate lovers and not too bitter for milk chocolate lovers.

My favourite bit though are the crunchy cereal balls I found at Aldi I used as decorations. I love that they make the chocolates look a bit different from the standard eggs and they also add a great crunch and texture to the chocolate.

I also like the lollipop presentation, it helps to keep it all a little playful and unique.

Hopefully MJ's teacher likes chocolate!

How are you preparing for Easter?

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Keep safe


  1. Dani your camping adventures sound great all except for being stranded in 40 degree heat with a 2-year-old, hats off to you!
    Loving your chocolate bunny pops, I haven't been to spotlight for ages, you've got me wanting to make a trip now!
    Happy Easter and Happy Camping!
    Such a pleasure having you join in the fun each week at Fabulous Foodie Fridays! xx

  2. HI Danielle - these look so darling. My daughter would love making these. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I was working on one of my websites on SEO company Dubai and I saw your post. I love chocolate anyway. So I thought I would compliment your post