Thursday, 8 January 2015

In My Kitchen - January 2015

January is a great month because it is full of relaxing, sun, summer fruit and lots of time to spend reading, cooking and playing.

Here are some of the things happenings in my kitchen this month coming to you as part of Fig Jam and Lime Cordial's monthly 'In My Kitchen' collection.

My brother-in-law very kindly brings us some of their eggs when they come to visit.  We really need to commit to getting our own chickens. There is a chook house ready to go from the previous owners, we just need to get the chickens!

My Mum and Dad gave me an amazing array of foodie products for Christmas.  The raspberry sauce almost looks too pretty to eat...almost.  I think we'll enjoy the strawberry schnapps for our anniversary while we are away camping and the goma sauce will make a great dipping sauce.

My bounty also included a great range of chutney and jams.  Although the flavours always tempt me, I've never really bought chutney myself, because I'm not really sure how to use them for best effect.  I guess I'll learn now! 

I can't wait to try the rhubarb, raspberry and vanilla bean jam  - it sounds divine.

  A range of flavoured oils and chilli salt means I have no excuses for cooking meals lacking in flavour.  I've already used the lemon infused oil to cook salmon and it added a lovely layer of flavour.

Although I still have a lot to learn and have significant room for improvement, I'm very proud of my first sourdough baking efforts. 

 I was very lucky to receive a packet of sourdough starter from the the very generous Celia.  Her starter is named, Priscilla so I  have named my starter Queenie in her honour!  Celia's bread tutorials and her suggested reading at the The Clever Carrot have been invaluable as I start what may become my latest food obsession.  

I must say is very exciting to eat your own bread and the smell of fresh bread cooking in the kitchen is fantastic!

A catch up with friends is always a great excuse to cook up a storm.  I went with a Vietnamese feel for our latest gathering.  The menu included lemongrass chicken balls and prawn rice paper rolls for entree followed by my Lemongrass Chicken Banh Mi and my Easy San Choy Bow for main.

We finished with the Mousse Cake below.  I made it for the first time for Christmas and it was a hit so I couldn't resist making it again.  It is from the blog Sugar Hero and is made by layering a brownie base, a chocolate mousse and a white chocolate and strawberry mousse.  I love the technique for making the mousse, it is really easy and sets beautifully. I can highly recommend!

And finally, a special Christmas gift from my nephew.

Unbeknown to his parents, he took his own money to school and bought this apple ornament from the school Christmas stall to give to me.  How lovely is that? It made me feel very special!

What's happening in your kitchen??



  1. Dani, what an array of delicious foodie gifts! I just love the Cobram oil, but I've only had the garlic one. I have seen that gift pack, and will pick it up next time I'm at Costco. The other flavours sound yum! Good luck with your chicken buying! Cheers, Kirsty

  2. what absolutely wonderful gifts you have in your kitchen. that red apple is just so sweet. i love the oils and chutneys etc you have. i was lucky enough to get some foodie gifts too. happy 2015!

  3. It's funny you say that about the chutneys. As I looked at your pictures, the Mumbai chutney jumped out immediately. In my opinion, a curry without chutney is a dull affair indeed. You can also mix it with yoghurt or coconut cream and marinate chicken in it. That little apple is so adorable and I know you will have it with it always. Thanks for the festive tour. cheers Fiona

  4. Happy 2015 Danielle. How cute is that ornamental apple from your nephew!? Very lucky aunt :) You triple layer mousse cake looks absolutely amazing! Fantastic effort, well done. I never buy chutneys as I don't know what to expect and are often let down too. Your presents look pretty good though. Enjoy your eggs. Thank you for a peek in your kitchen, see you next month

  5. Your gifts all look wonderful, especially the jams and chutneys. Good luck with your future chickens. We would love to have chickens but our neighborhood doesn't allow them.

  6. Oh look how wonderful your loaves are! Queenie is a great name and I'm sure she'll be very happy living in your fridge! I can't recommend chickens highly enough - once you've got sourdough and backyard eggs, you might never need to leave the house again.. :)