Sunday, 9 November 2014

Guess What's In My Kitchen? November 2014

This month I thought I'd turn my 'In My Kitchen' post into a little guessing game.  See if you can guess what's in my kitchen based on the photos and clues below.

So how many did you get?  Not too difficult, hey?

The first was a beautiful bunch of purple lilies given to me by a lovely and thoughtful friend we had over for dinner.  They looked and smelt beautiful for weeks, I couldn't believe how long the lasted!

The second is a new loaf Coles has started to bake; a stone baked wholemeal and quinoa pane di casa.  It's currently my favourite bread.

The third is a fantastic Pure Harvest prize pack I won from Create Bake Make.  Full of lots of goodies to play with in the kitchen, now I just need to get my recipe imagination going.  How fun is it receiving a pack like this in the mail?

The fourth is a cast iron pan.  I love the colour, the way it cooks and that it's a great size for when I am cooking up a lunch for one.  It was also a bargain in the Aldi clearance at $6.95.

The fifth is purple asparagus.  This is the first time I've bought it and you'll see it popping up in a recipe next week.  Again, how good is spring colour?

And last is a fresh colourful salad using salmon.  I have a bit of a thing for salmon at the moment, and with the lovely weather kicking in, seasonal salads are firmly back on the menu.

November was a quieter month in the kitchen before the craziness of my favourite month December hits us.  JJ turns 1 and the calender is already booking up fast with Christmas catch ups revolving around food and drink.  I'm looking forward to cooking up a Christmas storm :)

To see what's happening in other kitchens visit Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial

So what's happening in your kitchen this month?

Keep smiling


  1. G'day What a great post to brighten my day!
    Thx for this month's kitchen view also!
    Cheers! Joanne

  2. Woohoo...those Aldi pans are too heavy for me, but oh, they ARE so beautiful! And purple asparagus! I haven't seen them in the shops yet, but I'll look out for them now! :)

  3. i love the cast iron pan. what a gorgeous colour. and that purple asparagus looks really tasty. and gorgeous lilies.

  4. That's a great idea, and I love your IMK this month... I have looked at purple asparagus... Now I might just buy it! Thanks for sharing!

  5. haha love your guessing game!
    I got the Coles sourdough cob loaf correct - because we just bought a loaf ourselves last week.