Sunday, 19 October 2014

Working Out with your baby: Week 8 HIIT with a BITT The final challenge

Woo Hoo, you made it!!!  You have reached the 8th and final week of HIIT with a BITT, the high intensity interval workout you can complete at home with your baby.

Two whole months ago you completed your first fit test and recorded your scores.  Now is the time to see just how far your fitness and strength has come by repeating your fit test.

If this is your first time here, get all of the information about the series here.

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Are you ready to smash your first fit test scores?  Of course you are!!

But to make this workout really count here is your challenge.  Complete the fit test through once and record your amazingly improved scores.  Then pick the four exercises you have found the most challenging over the last 7 weeks.  For me this will be burpees with a push ups, two foot froggers, 180 degree jumps and leg extensions.  

Complete three rounds of this super challenging mini-circuit and at the end when you are a tired, sweaty mess, sit back and be really, really proud of how far you have come in 8 weeks!

You can find a photographic guide to these exercises here.

If you have enjoyed these workouts I have a bonus workout using an exercise ball still to come and I have a few of my favourite HIIT workouts already posted on my workouts page.  My healthy living resources page also has links to places I love to visit to inspire my workouts.

I try to post new workouts on a regular basis so don' forget to sign up to my newsletter so you never miss one!

Thanks for joining me on this fitness kick, I hope it has helped you get back to a fitter and stronger you!

I'd love to see your scores from your first and second fit tests in the comments!

Keep smiling

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