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Working out with your baby: Week 7 HIIT with a BITT

Wow, if you have stuck with us you have now completed seven weeks of HIIT with a BITT.  If that's the case, you will absolutely be feeling fitter and stronger.  And your baby will be older, heavier and probably far more mobile and aware of their participation in your workouts!

But with increased fitness comes different challenges.  You now have to make sure you keep increasing your intensity to challenge your body. Once you get comfortable with an exercise or a workout, your body and fitness will plataeu. So keep aiming for the hardest level you can complete, remembering you can always finish with an easier option if it gets too hard.

Haven't started working out with us yet? 
'HIIT with a BITT' is an 8-week series where you get to work out with your baby at home in under 30 minutes. 

If this is your first time here, get all of the information about the series here.

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And here is Week 7: Feeling amazing!
Working out with your baby HIIT workout plan Week 7

Working out with your baby HIIT workout plan Week 7

Technique Tips:

1.  Side lunge with around the world
Stand with feet shoulder width apart.
While holding onto the baby carrier under your baby's arms, lift your baby straight up above your head.
Take a large step to the left and bring your baby down to the side of your left hip at the same time. You should keep your arms as straight as possible as you make an arc shape with your baby while you drop into a side lunge.
Lift your baby back up over your head as you return to standing.
Bring you baby down to your chest level.
Repeat on the other side.

2.  Squat Press
Stand with feet shoulder width apart holding your baby at chest level.
Lower into a squat pushing your hips back and chest up.
Keep your weight in your heels.
As you stand up lift your baby up and over your head.
Repeat movement.

3.  Lunge with front kick
Start with feet shoulder width apart wearing or holding your baby.
Take a large step back to drop into a lunge.
Push back up through your front leg and bring your back leg through and into a front kick.
Repeat with other side.

4.  Frogger jumps
Start in a plank position with hands directly under shoulders.
Brace your abs and jump both feet up towards your left hand.
Jump your feet back to the middle.
Repeat but jump feet to the right.
Continue alternating sides. 
Make sure you keep your pelvis and back flat throughout the movement.
Make it easier:  Only jump only jump one foot at a time.

5. Push Ups - Chasing Baby
If your baby is rolling or crawling, place them on the ground and then follow them while completing walking push ups.

6.  Single Leg Chest Press
Lying on your back with knees bent and your baby on your chest ext.
Extend your right leg and as you lift your hips into a bridge, straighten your arms to lift your baby up.
Return your baby to your chest and lower your hips to the ground.
Repeat with the left leg.
Make it harder: Hold the bridge with your right leg extended for the entire 50 seconds, then repeat with your left leg.

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Happy exercising :)


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