Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Things to see, places to go and food to eat

Best Girls Night Out:

Go and see 'Once' the musical. I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to go with my sister-in-law to the Princess Theatre to check out this new musical, although as I read today it could be described as 'a musical for people who don't love musicals'. Mainly because it doesn't have the over-the-top theatre cheese you get in many musicals and there is not a jazz hand in sight! Instead, it is all about the remarkably beautiful music performed by an incredibly talented cast.  All cast members act, sing, dance and play an instrument and are on stage for the entire performance.

It is stunning in it's simplicity.  It has a really simple, but very clever, set design and the story is very straight forward, but you get so involved in the story because of the beautiful music and excellent performances. I smiled from the very first scene and kept smiling for the next 2 and 1/2 hours. It is also very funny, laugh out loud funny, and it is the absolute definition of heart-warming.

The only thing I didn't love was the costume design, which I think is a big part of why the publicity shots didn't initially get me excited about the show.  And while I enjoyed the little choreographed dance moments, I'm not sure they were really needed as it didn't really add anything to the show.  However, I did enjoy the Irish and Czech accents, which sound very natural, and are much more enjoyable to listen to in comparison to the false American accents you get in so many big stage shows!

I think it's big strength is the way it makes you feel.  You just feel good watching it, more so than some of the other big musicals I have seen.  I think it is perfect to take your mum or sister or best friend.  This was well worth the effort or a Thursday night trip to the city and expressing a feed - and for me, that is the real measure of the worth of a show!

Best Date Night:

You have to check out 'Gone Girl'.  Go now before you read a review or hear too much about it.  It is a movie with unpredictable twists and turns, and unusually for a movie built around suspense and intrigue, also includes a few laughs.  Perfect for a date night with your man, this is definitely worth spending a baby sitting ticket with the grandparents.

Best Family Day Out:

We took MJ to our closest 'Bounce' centre to play with some of our friends. It is a large factory full of different activities based around trampolines including slam dunks, dodge ball, wall running, free jumping and jumping into a foam pit.  The different activities would cater well for a multi-age family, although I guess the cost would add up.

Because MJ is four he was a 'junior jumper' which means for the free jumping he got to jump in an area without big kids so he didn't have to worry about being taken out. He loved it, he was a sweaty little mess at the end of the hour.

It is pretty good value, it cost us $10.50 for the session, and another $2.50 for the socks which you get to keep for future visits.

Now I really want to go with my PE crew and play an adult game of Dodge Ball - it would be awesome. It would also be interesting to check out one of their fitness classes too.

Best spin on a classic:

                                              Warm, Roasted Potato Salad And An Ice-Cold Beer post image

I made this roasted potato salad from The Cozy Apron for Dad's 60th birthday and it was one of the first salads to disappear.  It is like roasted potato meets potato salad.  I used chorizo instead of bacon, but bacon would also be great, obviously!!

Best recent pin: 

This amazing Eton Mess Cake from raspberri cupcakes is next on my list to make for a special occasion. How amazing does it look?
                                                       Eton Mess Cake

What are your favourite things, places and food at the moment?

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I received complimentary tickets to attend the movie and musical, however all opinions expressed are my own and if I didn't love it, it wouldn't be here!


  1. So right now my favourite thing is the bird family in our backyard that just had 3 babies and they are learning to fly in and around our yard - LOVE IT! Still loving our local Indian restaurant. I miss stage shows and haven't been to one in ages, I am going to see Dave Hughes perform in Nov, sure I'll get a laugh out of that! Emily - visiting as part of #teamIBOT

    1. Will Anderson said in a recent interview that 'at his best' Dave Hughes is one of the best comedic talents to ever come out of Australia and that at the moment, since scaling back his other media commitments he is at his best, so sounds like you are in for a good show!

  2. Now I want bacon!
    I've heard a few things about gone girl. Is it worth reading the book first though?

    1. As is often the case, I've heard the book has a lot of stuff not shown in the movie and is a great read. I loved having the surprise moments in the movie first and can still look forward to reading more depth in the book.

  3. Oh wow that cake looks incredible! And yep I'll second that Gone Girl is awesome! xx

    1. I know, how impressive would it be to pull that out at the end of a dinner party!