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Working Out With Your Baby: HIIT with a BITT Week 5

If you have been with us from the start you will have been exercising with your baby for over a month now and you will be feeling fitter and stronger and hopefully full of energy.  As a bonus, as your baby gets bigger and weighs more you'll also be getting a harder workout!

We are up to Week 5 of our 8-week workout series 'HIIT with a BITT' where you get to work out with your baby at home in under 30 minutes. 

By Week 5 you'll be ready for new challenges - so jump to it!  

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1.  Step Ups with Back Lunge
Step up with your right foot and then your left foot. 
Ensure you whole foot is placed on the step.
Step back down with your left foot and then place your right foot further back to allow you to go into a lunge.
Complete four with your right leg and then four with your left leg. Repeat. 
Alternate stepping up with your left and right foot.
Make it easier:  Use a lower step
Make it harder: Use a higher step.  Add a knee lift at the top of the step.

2. Front raise and upright row
Grip the baby carrier under your baby's armpits.
Start with your baby at hip height and with straight arms complete a front raise until your baby is at face level. 
Return to starting position.
For upright row, bend your elbows to raise baby to shoulder level, keeping your elbows below your shoulders.
Repeat sequence.
Make it easier: Bend arms on front raise
Make it harder:  Add a squat to each move

3.  Squat with baby swing
Grip baby as above
As you squat allow your baby to swing down between your legs.
As you rise, lift your baby up to eye level.
Make it easier: Bend elbow
Make it harder:  Keep arms straight

4.  Oblique Mountain Climbers
Ensure your hands are placed directly under your shoulders.
Your weight should be forward over your hands and you should be looking 30cms in front of your hands.
Keep your abdominal muscles switched on and your hips down.
Pull your right knee outside your right knee as far as you can go.  Return your foot to the starting position and complete with your other leg.
Make it harder: Increase speed

5.  Triceps Push Up
Start in a push up position with your hand directly under your shoulders.
Point your elbows directly behind you to lower yourself to the ground. 
Your arms should stay next to your body throughout the entire movement.
Straighten your arms to return to the starting position.
Lift your right arm forward to tap your baby on the head or tickle them under the chin.  
Repeat with left arm.
Repeat cycle.
Make it easier:  Complete the push up on your knees.
Make it harder:  Complete with feet on a step

6.  Scissor Abs. 
Lying on your back, extend your straight legs to 45 degrees.
Open and close legs in a scissor action.
Keep your lower back on the floor.
Keep the move slow and controlled.
Make it easier: Lift your legs higher or allow your knees to bend.
Make it harder: Lower your legs closer to the ground.

7.  Broad jumps with burpee.
Stand with feet should-width apart.
Swing arms back as you bend your knees and jump with both feet as far forward as you can. 
Land with soft (slightly bent) knees.
Place hand on ground and jump both legs out into push up position.
Jump legs back in and stand up.
Jump 180 degrees to face the direction you just jumped from and repeat.
Make it easier:  Eliminate jump, and instead step around to face the other direction or shorten jumps
Make it harder:  Aim for extra height and length on every jump. Add push up to the burpee.

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