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Working Out With Your Baby: HIIT with a BITT Week 2

So, how did you go with your first week?  Well done on getting through your first few workouts, getting motivated to start is often the hardest part!

I hope you've enjoyed working out with your baby in your own home, with no equipment and no cost! Hopefully you've worked yourselves into a nice little routine and you are getting the hang of doing the workouts together.

If this is your first time here, get all of the information about the series here.
If you missed the Week One workout, get it here.

Here is the workout for the second week of our 8-week 'HIIT with a BITT' workout series.

Don't forget that you can modify these workouts to suit your current fitness level.  This week the workout includes some harder options but you just need to pick the level that challenges you.  Your aim is to feel like you couldn't give any more at the end of each session.

If you are like me and like a bit of variety in your workouts, you could complete this workout twice and repeat the Week 1 work out for your third session.  Or you could pull your favourite exercises from the two weeks to make up a completely new circuit.  Just try not to avoid the exercises that you find the hardest - they are usually the ones you need to do the most!

Working out with your baby at home HIIT with a BITT Week 2

This week you'll again set your timer for 50 seconds work and 10 seconds rest.
Aim to complete 3 rounds of the 8 exercises taking a 1-2 minute rest between rounds

If you don't want to take your baby carrier on and off you can complete 3 rounds of the squats, tricep dips and lunges while you wear the baby carrier and then complete 3 rounds of the remaining exercises with the carrier off.

Try to always attempt the most challenging version of each exercise first.  For example, try to always start doing your push ups on your toes, and then when you can't do any more, drop down onto your knees.  Even if you only manage one push up, it is going to help challenge your fitness and you will see improvements much more quickly!

Working out with your baby at home HIIT with a BITT Week 2 photo guide

Technique tips:

1. Wall Squats
Place your feet far enough forward so that when your knees are bent to 90 degrees you can still look down and see your toes. 
Keep your shoulders in contact with the wall the entire time
Keep your weight in your heels, you should be able to wiggle your toes throughout the entire movement.
Make it easier: Do mini top-half squats i.e. complete only half a squat and then stand back up
Make it harder:  Hold in a sitting wall squat position for the full 50 seconds (or until fatigue) or do mini bottom-half squats  i.e. go down into a full squat but then only stand up half way before squatting back down again.

2 & 3 Forward and Back Lunges - right and left leg
Stand on your right leg and step forward with you left leg. 
You need to take a large step forward that allows you to bend both knees to a 90 degree angle. 
Keep your feet should width apart (i.e. as if you are standing on parallel train tracks rather than a tight rope)  
As you lunge ensure your take your weight straight down, not forward.
Keeping your right leg stationary, lift your left leg up and place it behind you in a back lunge.
Try to keep your balance and don't touch your left leg to the ground until you are in position. 
Keep you abdominal muscles switched on as you move your leg.
Make it easier:  Return to a standing position as you change from a front lunge to a back lunge.
Make it harder:  Keep low as you swing your leg from the front to the back to get a greater leg workout.

4. Tricep Dips with extended legs
Sit on the edge of the step and place your hands on the step underneath your bottom.
Slide you bottom forward so it is just off the step and keep it as close to the step as possible throughout the movement.
Elbows should be kept pointing directly behind you throughout the entire move. 
Make it easier:  Bring your feet closer to the bench.  The further you extend you legs the move difficult the exercise.
Make it harder: Add a hand-to-toe tap in between each dip (straighten you leg and try to touch your toes with your hand)

5. Walking push ups
Start with your hands wider than your shoulders.
Only bend you elbows until they are in line with your shoulders.  You don't need to get your chest to the ground as this can impinge your shoulder.
Keep your bottom down and make sure your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles are switched on.
Complete one push up and then walk your hands to the right and complete your next push up.
Walk you hands back to the middle and complete a push up.
Walk your hand to the left and complete a push-up.  Continue this pattern.
Make it easier:  Complete push ups on your knees or complete push-ups in a stationary position. 
Make it harder: Walk your feet to the side as well as your hands. Go faster.  

Working out with your baby at home HIIT with a BITT Week 2 photo guide

6.  Mountain Climbers
Maintain the plank position as described for push ups. 
Pull one knee toward your stomach as far as you can go.  Return your foot to the starting position.
Make it harder: Switch feet without returning you foot back to the starting position i.e. like a running motion.

7. Hip bridge 
Lie on your back with your knees bent and your heels close to your bottom.
Hold your baby over your pelvis.
Lift your bottom and lower back off the floor until only your shoulders are on the ground.
Hold for one count and take two counts to lower yourself back to the floor.
Make it easier.  Place your bub on your chest or on the ground beside you.
Make it harder:  Hold the bridge position while you alternate extending each leg.

8. Chest Press
Lie on your back with your knees bent and your heels close to your bottom.
Hold your baby on your chest with your elbows out to the side.
Straighten your arms to push your baby up and way from you.
Pause at the top and then lower your baby with control back to the starting position.
Make it easier:  Pause at the bottom and let your body take the weight of your baby
Make it harder:  Complete the exercise with holding a bridge position or complete bottom-half repetitions (only lift your baby half way up before lowering back down again).

Have fun!  Let me know how you are going?  Which exercises do you like? Which ones do you hate?

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Keep smiling
Dani :)

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