Wednesday, 16 July 2014

What I Ate Wednesday: Sugar Free Meals

I have three 'new to me' meals to share with you today.  Breakfast made from millet, lunch made from Brussels sprouts and gnocchi made from two surprising ingredients!

Breakfast:  Millet porridge with raspberries and seeds

Naturally Ella recently featured some fellow bloggers who have made recipes from her book 'The Homemade Flour Cookbook' and she included The First Mess' version of Vanilla Bean Millet Porridge with Lavender Strawberries. The photography on both sites is as beautiful as it is inspiring.  As such I decided to use the millet I had sitting in the pantry and make a simpler version of the featured porridge.

I mostly followed the directions for the millet porridge, only substituting normal milk for almond milk.  I used tap water and selected cinnamon over cardamom.  I made the same seed mix.  But as strawberries are not in season I mixed some frozen raspberries with homemade apple sauce for my topping.  The millet does need sweetening and the apples did the trick here.  If you have a sweet tooth, you'll need the maple syrup suggested by Ella.

Lunch:  Green goodness soup (with leek, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and baby spinach)

My new love affair with leeks continue and I've made a soup that has changed my mind about sprouts.  This soup was initially inspired by the bag of farm fresh sprouts in my fridge and the Bubble and Squeak soup featured in this weeks '' lift out.  It is a beautiful winter soup.  I am on to my second batch and will post my recipe next week.

I have eat the soup with a piece of multi-grain bread topped with avocado to make sure I can make it to dinner.

Dinner: 'Gnocchi' bolognese

When I take the boys to our local library I like to browse the food magazines .  This month's edition of delicious features a 'gnocchi' made from cannellini beans and flour.  I was instantly intrigued as I read a  lot of recipes and food blogs but I don't recall ever coming across gnocchi made like this.  Naturally I had to try it for dinner...that night! 

I used normal gnocchi for the boys as I wasn't sure how it would turn out especially as I decided to substitute flour for oat flour.  I made half the quantity and although it looks average (the delicious version looks far more appetising!) I still enjoyed it.  It has quite a similar texture and taste to potato gnocchi.

The sauce however was quite average, we had to add some sauce from a bottle to try to save it and add flavour.  

Luckily I had made a healthy apple crumble slice to serve for dessert to salvage the meal! Recipe coming.

Snacks:  A piece of raisin toast and a sugar-free museli bar.

Have you made a dish with surprising ingredients?

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  1. All of your meals look amazing, although it sounds that gnocchi wasn't that great. I quite like it with sweet potato... I wonder if that and beans would be nice. A healthy apple crumble? Now that sounds absolutely fantastic!

    1. Using sweet potato is a great idea - it would keep the same texture and the beans would keep the protein up. The apple crumble is great, enjoyed it again for dessert last night!

  2. Ooo these meals all look soo tasty! I think I'm gonna try that Green Goodess soup - looks gorg AND a healthy apple crumble?? Looking forward to the recipe xoxo

  3. I love the look of that gnocchi - I'll be googling that right away!

    1. I'm not sure if the recipe is online yet - it was 2 x 400g tins of cannellini beans, 185g flour (I used oat flour), 1 egg, salt. Mix and combine in food processor, wrap dough in plastic wrap for 15 minutes. Roll into logs, cut into gnocchi, cook in boiling water for 5 minutes or until they float to the top :)

  4. New reader here :) Cannelini bean and oat flour gnocchi? Sounds right up my alley! And I'll have to stop back to check out that upcoming apple crumble recipe! Do you mind if I ask, though, are you trying to go sugar free? If so, why?

    1. Hi, thanks for visiting. I'm not sugar free, I would find that impossible!, However I do try to limit my sugar intake and aim for one or two sugar free days a week. I find it helps me snack less and curbs my sugar cravings.And if I'm not eating sugar I'm eating more vegetables and whole foods so I feel better all round.

  5. Despite the fact that the gnocchi didn't sound all that great, your other dishes look fantastic. I like it with sweet potatoes... Would that pair well with the beans? Is the apple crumble healthy? That sounds fantastic right now! I sincerely hope you'll keep doing fantastic work like this in the future because it's exactly what I was hoping to read. Try the assignment help lebanon service to accomplish your study work. I'm sure you'll find it useful because I always use this service for homework help. Good Luck!

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