Thursday, 24 July 2014

How to finish your workout with a tabata bang.

I may have taken my own advice about being allowed to eat twice as much of my Healthy Apple Crumble Slice a little too literally, so I tried to keep up with my workouts up this week.  

I managed four sessions; three group classes (BodyPump, BodyCombat & Plyo Grit) and of my own HIIT sessions.  I wasn't feeling 100% and this workout was a good 'in-between' level of intensity; enough to release the endorphins but not so intense it wiped me out for the rest of the day!

High Intensity Interval Workout Whole Body

Click here for printable PDF of 'HIIT workout #3'

I did 5 minutes walk/jog on treadmill and did my 500m row in 2:05. I aim to get it done in 2 minutes, so I've got to get a little tougher!

I used 7 kg dumbbells for the strength exercises, a 3kg medicine ball for the Russian twists (I should have used a 5kg, it was a little light) and the step for box jumps was above knee height.  I used a 20kg barbell for the tabata exercises.

Tabata is a type of interval training that uses 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest.  You repeat this until you reach a total of eight minutes of work.  I like to include it as I enjoy the change up of shorter interval. When you get used to doing 50-60 second work intervals, 20 seconds feels quite short and so you feel like you can lift the intensity.  I like to use the 8 minute block as a high intensity finish to a workout.  I've complied a few of my favourite 'Tabata Finishers' below using my Gymboss Interval Timer  set to 20:10 for 16 rounds.

How to finish your workouts with tabata printable

Click here for printable PDF of 'Tabata Finishers'

Tell me, what is your favourite way to turbocharge your workout?

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Happy Exercising!

Dani :)

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  1. I really love that printable! I'll definitely be trying the kettle bell tabata tonight at the gym (:

    1. Thanks Leslie, I have fun putting them together. I hope you enjoy the finisher tonight.