Monday, 16 June 2014

Chicken Pot Sticker Dumplings

In my ongoing quest to cook at least two new recipes each week I made my first ever pot 
sticker dumplings.  They're not a food I've eaten much, but I saw the won ton wrappers at the store and wanted to try them.

Most pot sticker recipes use gow gee wrappers (white & round, made with only flour and water) but I used won ton wrappers (yellow & square, made with flour, water and egg) as I knew I was going to make them more on the fried side rather than steamed and the won ton wrappers crunch up nicely.

I served the dumplings with a noodle stir fry.  I tossed the noodles with the same sauces I used to flavour the filling and added red capsicum, carrot and snow peas. 

The process:  1-2 teaspoons placed in the middle of each wrapper, wet the outside edge and press together.

You cook them in one tablespoon of peanut oil until they reach your desired level of golden and crunchy.  Traditionally you only make the bottom crunchy and leave the sides soft and steamed- think steamed dim sims versus fried dim sims.  But I turned them so each side was golden.

I used this recipe from Pot Sticker Dumplings at with the following changes:

- I didn't worry about salting the cabbage first.

- I used 500g of chicken mince and then kept a portion of the chicken and cabbage mixture aside to toss through the noodle stir fry that I made to serve with the dumplings.

- I combined all of the filling ingredients at once and cooked them in the fry pan until the chicken mince was almost cooked through.  That way I could cook the dumplings to my preference and not worry about the mince not being cooked in the middle.

- I added sesame seeds to the mix.

Do you eat dumplings out or make them at home?

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