Friday, 25 April 2014

Things that made me go 'hmmm'

In the philosophical words of Freedom Williams and David Cole my favourite things/links posts will be called 'Things that make me go hmmm'.  These posts will cover any links that got me contemplating, thinking, agreeing or debating or things I just found plain interesting.

'Things that make me go mmmm' will cover any amazingness I find related to food,  cooking, eating, drinking and generally being merry!

1. Livinia Nixon's 'So I did a juice cleanse',  published via Food Daily, talks about her first attempt at a juice cleanse.  It sounds exactly how I image my first attempt at such a cleanse might go down- it doesn't mean I still don't want to do one some day!  The big surprise though, was her down to earth writing style.  As a weather and TV host she presents such a polished and composed persona, but her writing is much more laid back and engaging. 

She only has a couple of other blog entries but they are also a good read, but I really loved this passage:

My day swings from gorgeous moments- the cuddles, tickles and unique conversations – to the drudgery. You know what I mean – wishing the day away as it stretches out before you, the inane questions, the groundhog feeling that exists even on weekends. Paid work is so much easier as there’s one task to concentrate on and the people around you generally don’t throw tantrums, vomit on you or accidentally head butt you nearly every day.

Kinda sums it up for me!

2. Rebecca Judd's take on Epidurals in her post 'Oscar and Billie: Two very different experiences' (particularly in the 'Delivery' section).  As a mum of a 4 month old these kind of things are still forefront in my mind and she definitely spells an amazing picture of an epidural.  I've had two natural deliveries using only gas as pain relief and even though the first one hurt like hell, I was like 'yeah I can do that again', but after the second one I was like 'never again without an epidural'.  Granted he had a big head, a really big head, the size that makes midwifes check they have read it right, but I just really don't want to do it again. 

In the days just after the delivery I read an article about a celebrity announcing her pregnancy.  This kind of announcement normally fills me with joy for the person, but this time all I could think was 'poor you, you've go to deliver it'.  But as I'm in the public system I don't even know if I could request an epidural in the way Rebecca Judd did.  I'd love to hear your thoughts on your experiences with an epidural.


the food dept. is one of my favourite Australian food blogs  in equal parts due to it's amazing images and incredible recipes.  Their first birthday celebration cake - an amazing red velvet cake - is one of my absolute favourite special occasion cakes to make and eat.  I made it for my Mum's 60th birthday last year and it was the favourite dish of a fairly elaborate spread.  It is easily the cake I've received the most compliments on. 

Their second birthday cake, a decadent hummingbird cake, also looks amazing.  While I'll stick to my healthy version for now, this will be on the list for the next occasion I'm happy to let loose with the sugar and butter.

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