Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Work out: 'Getting back into lycra' track session

I've played netball since I was 8 and am a self-confessed netball tragic.  Go the Vixens!! My  2014 season starts next week and I have to wear a lycra bodysuit, not very flattering for a 3 month post partum tummy!! I'm not sure if I am quite ready, not to mention that sprinting, running and jumping have only recently been back on the agenda. 

With MJ I played my first game 6 weeks after having him and I have no idea how I did that based on how I felt at 6 weeks post JJ's delivery!  JJ had a bigger head, and the pelvic instability was much worse after his delivery, in fact it wasn't even an issue after my first delivery.   I've been back at the gym for a couple of months and done some running (steady 2-3km jogs/shuffles!) But in an effort to be somewhat court ready I went down to our local athletics track work to test if I was ready to go.  I took both boys with me and used MJ as extra weight for Part 2, carrying him on my shoulders - he loved it! JJ was a champ and sat happily in his pram for until the last 5 minutes.  I put him on the mat on a blanket and finished my pushups over him and that got him through.  I also completed some step runs having races with MJ at the end.  I pulled up okay so wish me luck for the weekend :)

Keep smiling!
Dan xx

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